For Buyers

Bos Group are driven professionals with complementary strengths. Experts at helping clients make money through value-add investing, they create focused marketing strategies and practice calculated negotiation tactics.

Whether you’re looking to invest commercially for the first time, trade up to a more lucrative property, sell a property that isn’t working out, or diversify your commercial portfolio, our team has the strategy and experience to get it done smoothly and efficiently. What does buying a commercial real estate property look like?

Initial Meeting

Connecting for the first time to understand the specific criteria you are looking for to ensure every box is checked out.

Property Review

Assess your options and walk through every potential deal that fits your criteria. The team will share not only active on market deals, but a handful of off-market deals as well.

Writing an Offer

With calculated negotiation tactics, we will write up an offer to help secure your dream investment!

Conduct Due Diligence

The team will provide you with their most trusted contacts of inspectors to ensure no stone is unturned and meticulously walk you through all the financing and reports.

Close of Escrow

The team will be with you every step of the way with detailed preparation ensuring a smooth transaction and transition.

Let’s Work Together

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