About Bos Group

One of East Bay’s most effective and successful commercial real estate groups, Bos Group handles more than $162,000,000 in sales annually; helping clients serious about real estate investment make strategic property choices.

One commercial real estate expert is all you need; a group gives you extra leverage and ensure that your investment goals will be realized quickly and efficiently. Bos Group has driven professionals with complementary strengths. Experts at helping clients make money through value-add investing, they create focused marketing strategies and practice calculated negotiation tactics.

Whether you’re looking to invest commercially for the first time, trade up to a more lucrative property, sell a property that isn’t working out, or diversify your commercial portfolio, our team has the strategy and the experience to get it done smoothly and efficiently. With a stellar track record, advanced knowledge of local rent-control laws, and all the inside market information that is not available online, they are devoted to making you successful in all your investment-grade real estate initiatives.

Willem Bos

Vice President

Willem Bos, by guiding his team at Paragon and later at Compass with his skilled experience and know how, has traded over $100MM in multi-family and other commercial properties. His utmost goal is to increase his clients portfolio value and achieve ultimate financial freedom for his clients with Bos Group.

Ken Wu

Senior Associate

Ken Wu is an associate at Compass Commercial Northern California. In less than two years, armed with his charisma and dedication, he managed to gross $1.2 million in sales which made him top five out of over thirty colleagues in the company.

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